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Love and Passion for Art

“Ours is a story of love. Our love for everything art, and for each other. It started 20 years ago when we were freshmen in Art School, and has evolved into a full time job where we feel lucky to combine our passion for what we love and turn it into a way of living to support our growing family.

I come from a long line of seamstresses and tailors, so I have always been around fabrics, threads and needles since I have memory.

It was my dream to be independent and be able to live off my sewing. I started making totes, bags and purses, and while they were doing ok, it was only when I added headbands to my store that I realized it would be a good idea to have a headband-only store where I could offer affordable handmade headbands for everybody, hence the original store name “Bargain Headbands.”

Later on, Simply Martha became a reality and is operated by myself and my husband. We are a Michigan based husband-wife team with a passion for everything art: painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, cooking, and more. We both serve as curators for Simply Martha shop, while also offering our work of arts for sale.

Our goals is to let everybody enjoy beautiful accessories and original art for super affordable prices.

This shop is more like a wonderland of colors, is the place where you’ll find beautiful, unique and super affordable handmade fabric headbands. My products have been used to complete school and athletic uniforms, wedding party favors, fund raising items, Christmas events, and dancing competitions.”

Martha Brito

The Ultimate Sophistication

“Though human ingenuity may make various inventions which, by the help of various machines answering the same end, it will never devise any inventions more beautiful, nor more simple, nor more to the purpose than Nature does; because in her inventions nothing is wanting, and nothing is superfluous, and she needs no counterpoise when she makes limbs proper for motion in the bodies of animals.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Invest with confidence. Artworks listed in Simply Martha are originals pieces made by real artists. Browse our catalog, check the current artists, or even order a custom made artwork.

Simply Martha now offer a great selection of creative directions, techniques, and artwork styles.

We had the privilege of speaking and meeting one-on-one with fine artists. Generously, artists have provided us tours to their studios and homes to bring us a close insight into their techniques and artwork.

We are pleased and honored to support and promote local artists and fine arts from many different regions and styles.

Simply Martha offers custom artwork to exceed your expectations.

Browse our inventory to request a custom made artwork or recreate a similar artwork.

Simply Martha is committed to support local artists, events, and communities.

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  • About Us Slide Handcrafted Quality

My Product Line

Fine Arts 90
Accessories 95
Decor 85

Meet Our Team

Creator, Painter, Seamstress, Designer, Writer, Shipper, Customer Service, and more. With a diverse background that includes writing, painting, culinary arts, business, and sewing. I am the person behind the computer answering your messages, processing orders, and shipping.
Hair Stylist, make up artist and super gorgeous. Nicholette is our sweet friend who kindly models our hair accessories.
Shipper, Model, Seamstress, Martha’s Sister. Creativity does run in families! Martha’s little sister is not only beautiful, but also talented. She helps with the sewing, shipping and models Simply Martha’s creations.
Coralia López
Coralia LópezDesigner
This acclaimed, award winner illustrator and graphic designer from Venezuela, holds a degree in art, photography and Journalism. Published throughout Latin America and Europe, has worked with the UN (Cairo Ilustrado), and famous publishing companies.
PrantikGraphic/Photo Editor
Designer, Graphic/Photo Editor, Creator. Prantik is our graphic and photo editor. Once the images are selected he makes them look their best.
DiegoWeb Developer
Photographer, Designer, Web Developer, Creator, Painter. Diego Farias is a painter, Illustrator and a photographer with degrees in both Industrial Design and Web Development. The main subjects of his work are nature and the night skies. He is in charge of Designing, photography and also serve as a curator