I come from a long line of seamstresses and tailors, so I have always been around fabrics, threads and needles since I have memory.
It was my dream to be independent and be able to live off my sewing. I started making totes, bags and purses, and while they were doing ok, it was only when I added headbands to my store that I realized it would be a good idea to have a headband-only store where I could offer affordable handmade headbands for everybody, hence the name “Bargain Headbands.”

Later on, Simply Martha became a reality and is operated by myself and my husband. We are a Michigan based husband-wife team with a passion for everything art: painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, cooking, and more. We both serve as curators for Simply Martha shop, while also offering our work of arts for sale.

– Martha

“It was my dream to be independent and be able to live off my sewing.” – Martha”

We are pleased and honored to support and promote local artisans from many different regions and styles. We have the privilege of speaking and meeting one-on-one with fine artists and artisans. Generously, artists have provided us tours to their studios and homes to bring us a close insight into their techniques and artwork.

Made with love

This shop is more like a wonderland of colors, is the place where you’ll find beautiful, unique and super affordable products made with love.